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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
Im with you. Some here think that public transportation is the key to drawing here in Chicago. That obviously works for the cubs probably because of the party atmosphere and area that their park is in. The Sox do have accessible public transportation but I really think that market is covered already by the cubs. The untapped market which I have mentioned before is the suburbanites that dont want to come into the city. There are a lot of people out in the burbs that wont come into the city. A centrally located suburban location I have always thought would attract this untapped fan base. The next shot for this will be 2026 unless the cubs are not bluffing, which I think they are.
I sincerely doubt there is that large of a market for people that it would make sense to move the team away from the center of the region's transportation network. Barring some crazy shift in the next 15 years, the region's population and wealth will still be centered deep in the city. This idea that the suburbs are this untapped market of endless prosperity is dead, 1970's era thinking (which is precisely what got us the Cell in the first place as opposed to the more popular retro ballparks). The Sox have already been burned once badly by thinking in the past. Moving to Addison would only cement their legacy.

Again, the attendance issues are because the team sucks. They've been to the playoffs 5 times in my life. They've only been mildly competitive in a bad division for most of the past decade. That's the issue. I'm sure there is a segment of suburbanites who absolutely refuse to come to the city. That's fine, but they are the extreme minority, no sense in marketing to them. I think most people who aren't putting their butts in the seats at the Cell don't want to pay out the nose to see ****ty baseball.

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