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You are absolutely right. Failing to make the post season in consecutive years EVER is a pretty damning stat for the White Sox. If you are already the "underdog" team in a 2-team market, you're not going to build up a huge following when you make the playoffs typically once every 5 years or so. It's pathetic that we're in the 18th season of the 3-division, 1 wild card arrangement and the Sox have only been able to scatter a few playoff appearances.

Except the Sox were outdrawn this season by teams like Colorado, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Toronto. Is this "consecutive/multiple-year" theory exclusive to the South Side of Chicago?
So? Whoever said that the Sox having to succeed more consistently to draw well is only a "theory" because of other teams' attendance. I don't get the logic.

It's what's needed for the White Sox. I don't give a **** about what Colorado draws. Apples and oranges. Do most people in Denver root for another MLB team in the same city and are staunchly anti-Rockies? When did the Blue Jays move to pay TV while their crosstown rivals were on a superstation?
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