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I'm always fascinated by how the TV numbers play into things. I find it really hard to reconcile the increase in TV viewership for 2012 (which makes total sense) with a drop in ballpark attendance. For one, TV viewership indicates some level of overall "sox fans" in the region, and ever since the Sox had higher TV numbers than the Cubs in 2006, I've believed that the Chicago-region numbers were evening out a little. I'm sure the Cubs still own a healthy margin of "I'm a cubs fan" vs "I'm a sox fan" if asked, but the number gap wasn't that large post 2005. I'd say more along the lines of 60-40 cubs-sox in the overall chicago region. Maybe a bit higher, but that still should mean the Sox fan base is larger than many entire markets.

I guess I don't believe that the overall sox fanbase is small - and based on the fact that TV numbers went up this year, it means people were paying more attention to the first place team, but just weren't showing up to the park. To me that is directly related to marketing and sales on the Sox side to draw season ticket holders. Also could be a economic issue.
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