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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
In the grander scheme of things, the Sox are in danger of squandering a chance to gain more attention in the city. The Cubs absolutely ****ing suck right now. Look at the Double-A **** they are putting on the field. Historically bad, even for that horse**** excuse for a franchise.

The door is open for the Sox. Unfortunately, this franchise has a history of not kicking the door down when the opportunity exists. Much of Sox history is about finishing in second place, both in the standings and in the minds of Chicago fans.
This is so spot-on, it should be framed.

This has been a golden opportunity for the Sox while the Ricketts era on the North Side has gotten off to a bumpy start. Since 2005, I think it's been clear that the people are no longer buying the notion that all things Cubs are wonderful.

....but the Sox are once again pissing away another golden opportunity. If you think Sox attendance and competitiveness in Chicago is lackluster now, I'd hate to think what will happen if the Cubs ever got their act together while the Sox continue on their continue path of not being serious contenders year in and year out.
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