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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Oh bull ****. It's not anything that isn't 100% the main opinion of experts out there. Like I said, where is the scout saying otherwise? Where is the article without the dire predictions? It's not a given, but most everyone who's opinion matters thinks its a given. If you're going to lambast me as negative, you need to bring some proof of the positive to the table. Just calling me negative for relaying a fact to you is childish.
You've got some pretty ironclad language there. Opinions are facts now? I'm guessing you aren't unfamiliar with the taste of crow.

Until the disaster happens, I'd say the burden of proof Sale is unavoidably on track for surgery is on you. Maybe he gets an serious injury a some point in his career (not exactly a rare occurrence with baseball players, especially pitchers) Perhaps he doesn't. It's a bit premature to book the OR with Dr. James Andrews at this point.
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