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Originally Posted by WhiteSoxNation View Post
Getting more from a position by utilizing 2 average, low cost players and combining the two into a potential all-star, 10M/year production.

C- Flowers .269/.309/.596 v LHP, Gimenez v. RHP .283/.383/.423

LF- Viciedo- .350/.391/.642 vs LHP, .225/.271/.380 vs RHP

Starting at catcher, it's obvious Flower is the everyday catcher, but he's clearly much stronger against LHP. Gimenez should/may see more playing time than we think this year against RHP.

Viciedo had 43 hits vs LHP w/ 18 of them going for extra base hits. He also K'd just 18 times while walking 9 times as opposed to his 5:1 K/BB against RHP......People will argue that he hit 25HR, understandable. Yet, if we played Dwayne Wise vs all RHP and Viciedo vs all LHP here's the production we would have got from a 3M left field.

Adjusted for 600 ABs (and weighing the fact of more RHP than LHP) aka Wise will get more ABs

.297/.357/.511 33HR, 97RBI, 40 doubles 20SB......

What's the going rate for a .300/30/20/100 LF (see Ryan Braun)
Also gives the Sox an above average defensive LF
I don't know where you are getting those numbers for Gimenez but he is a 30 year old catcher who has played what, 15 games in the Majors? Do you really expect this kind of production? If he were capable of posting a .383 OBP in the Majors wouldn't you think he would be playing consistently by now?
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