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Originally Posted by Daver View Post
And how do major market teams work, can you explain it to me?
i.e. they get the young stars off the garbage clubs when those teams can't or won't afford to pay to keep them, by trading all these "can't miss kids" whom never seem to cut it with the Sox (especially pitching.)
I can tell you one thing, that's not how they work. It happens from time to time (Jason Bay to the Red Sox), but if you look at the Yankees and especially the Red Sox (the two biggest fish in the AL market wise), they have made it a priority recently to have good minor league systems not only for the purpose of trading them off to small market teams, but also in order to work them into the lineup.

Successful teams even more than major market teams have made it a priority to develop good teams in the major leagues while maintaining good personnel in the minor leagues.

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