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Originally Posted by Daver View Post
He asked a question about a single player that may or may not be on this years 25 man roster. Their are a huge number of baseball fans that have no interest in player development, it does not make them less a fan, just like the fact that you do can imply you are more of a fan, all it does is make you like arrogant fool. If that is how you wish to be percieved so be it.
As far as sticking my nose in the "here and now", my opinion frankly is this. Concerning myself with what is going on in the minor leagues would be fine if I were a fan of the Padres, Royals or Brewers.

The Chicago White Sox are in a major market.

In my opinion, their fans shouldn't have to worry nor give a tinker's cuss (I always wanted to use that phrase!) about what John Doe from Podunk, Arkansas is doing is Double AA. The White Sox should be run like the other big market teams...i.e. they get the young stars off the garbage clubs when those teams can't or won't afford to pay to keep them, by trading all these "can't miss kids" whom never seem to cut it with the Sox (especially pitching.) That's the way the big boys play the game...the Sox should be right there with them.
Lip posted this just the other day. I just think this is the epitome of a totally false and simplistic ideology about how baseball teams are run. Basically, he is saying that concerning himself with the minor leagues is a waste of time. Then why even bother asking about Flowers? He's clearly set a precedent for himself, and already told people not to give a "tinker's cuss" about any minor leaguer.

My tone and phrasing were a bit harsh, so I apologize for that.
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