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Lets see how this works out before crowning anyone with GM kudos.

I like what Hahn has done, but assuming that KW is not involved with every move is wrong.

I also think it is a bit easier to go from the bottom to the middle than going from slightly above .500 to winning divisions.

The Sox were always very competitive under KW. They always drafted late because of the farm suffered.

Some of the drafts did suck, tho, so there is blame to be assigned.

Eaton reminds me of the Pods move, before 2005. No one was impressed, losing CLee for Pods, but Pods drove that early success that year where the Sox scored first in every game for two months, and ran off 99 wins.

GM is more art than science, and putting a Pods and AJ on that WS team was no sure thing...but it worked.
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