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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
Different type of player? That's really not accurate. Aside from Eaton (who is very similar to Erstad), Hahn has acquired guys that have a lot of power, K a lot and don't walk a lot. He's acquiring younger players, but that's an obvious call. I love what he's doing, but there isn't a "philosophy" change and he's not targeting "a different type of player."
Eaton is the exact opposite of Erstad. Erstad was a swing at everything player. Eaton is an extreme pitch-taker. Yes we traded for Garcia, but he is a real impact bat - or they think he will be (and, again, we can thank KW for that).
Also, as per his comments yesterday with the Bellisario signing, he's looking for pitchers that fit the ballpark profile.
We have several new players and haven't traded a single real prospect yet.
I see a lot of changes.
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