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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
That's the same as what you have now, the difference is all of them throw less. Pitchers are still sucking their way of the league and blowing elbows, but now they have effective surgeries to help them comeback. Eighty years from now, god willing, as the theists would say, we'll only remember the Verlanders and Sabathias.

I'd be willing to bet pitchers fifty or more years ago just as often as today would have had 10-15 year careers even without the benefit of modern surgery. Of course, it would be difficult to determine whether a guy in 1920 quit at age 28 due to injuries or whether it was to save the old family farm from those dang Hatchetts or something along those lines.
Yes I'm sure they would my point was that people simply have a perception that pitches were all studs back then not because they all were but because all we remember are the studs and yes the same will be true 50 years from now.

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