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Originally Posted by roylestillman View Post
The first five months of the 2012 season was the aberration. This is the 2011 team. I really think Dunn is single handedly wrecking this franchise.
Adam Dunn is unwatchable, unproductive for weeks on end. I'm sick of his stupid bubble gum. Keep it in your mouth for gosh sakes. We could of had Giambi or Hafner for LH DH for less money/commitment.

That the Sox management thought Adam would be fan popular because he couild hit 40 HRS, is a affront to all true Sox fans. We know Donkey Crap when we see it.

I am waiting for Robin to assert himself and move Adam down in the lineup. Dont' make me turn on you Robin, you played the game the right way, don't become a ***** now.

Teams are not paying high dollar/long term contracts for DH's. Once again the Sox are behind the learning curve. From the TV broadcasting booth, radio booth, front office, minor leagues, the Sox are a laughing stock of incompetence. It starts at the top and our fearless leader Jerry, can sit in his office with all his memorabilia and feel fufilled.

If Robin had balls, he would move him down to eighth or ninth in the lineup.

Please eat the money and release him, show the fans that someone in this organization has a clue.
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