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Dismal and getting moreso. Don't like a team that won't take a walk? It's part of the plan. At least Dunn said so the first week. Swing early in the count and get better balls to hit, he and the hitting coach came up with it. Still want to fire Greg Walker? Hitting does seem to be a bit of a problem right now. So does more than a decade of patch, patch, patch as a business model.

The AL Central has the Tigers and four teams chasing the cellar. The other three manage to put some young talent on the field. The Sox patch. Kenny lost his job because of it, deservedly so. The blame goes beyond Kenny. If I were running a business and there was no new product in the pipeline, I'd be asking my CEO why. I know some of you don't like the owner interfering with the CEO, but if I were running a business, I damn sure would. Wouldn't you? But we don't have an owner running a business, we have an old man with a hobby. To some of you he's the smartest businessman in the world. To me he's an old man with a hobby.

If an old man looking for a hobby reads this, may I suggest woodworking?
Prince Harry and Meghan are starting to get on my nerves.
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