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Some nice positive quotes from Burger today. No doubt he's deeply disappointed, but you gotta love his attitude. Interesting that Abreu says he suffered a similar injury in 2008.

Originally Posted by guillensdisciple View Post
That sucks- I wonder if his heft has anything to do with this since he is a bigger guy. Not trying to make fun of him, but he may be better off dropping a few pounds and replacing it with muscle.

Has a lot of hitting talent. Not sure if this can mess him up for the rest of his career. Let's hope he is okay. In more athletic sports, this could end a career.

He may be a first baseman now.
I had wondered about that too. This is just an uneducated question on my part, though. I don't know if anyone else can chime in on that.

I'm not sure this necessarily spells the end of his career as a third baseman. Of course, whether he is able to stick at 3rd has been a question even before this injury.
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