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this has a little to do with that, and a little not to, but to not start another thread I'll put this here.

I really thought Sox fans were the only ones who knew of how "real" cubs fans are. I was talking to one of my friends dad's, and I'm in Detroit , and he's a Tiger fan. He asked me if I was a Cubs fan and I said no, and his daughter asked something like, why I wasn't a cub fan, and I said because being a cub fan is the "popular" thing to do. Her dad chimes in and says, most cub fans are bandwagon jumpers and aren't real fans. They just are cub fans because of the media, and think it is cute to be the lovable losers. He said some other things, but I can't remember exactly. I just thought it was funny to hear that said by someone who wasn't a Sox fan for 1, and doesn't live near the city of Chicago.
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