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Default outside of chicago no one can understand why i hate the cubs

I'm at a party here in the Old Dominion right after those Florida Marlins finished off my the Yankees in the world series. A friend says that he hated to see the Yankees lose, this outrage passes unchallenged, but when I say something to the effect of, "Well I wasn't, but as long as the Cubs lost I wouldn't have been too upset about how things came out." People reacted as if I'd said something more like, "You know Hitler gets a bum rap," as people literally walked away in disgust my friend, showing all the virtues of a Yankees fan, shouted that my opinions were not his own. Another time I say something insulting about the Cubs and my friend Andrew acts surprised, "But you lived in Chicago," so I had to explain that I'm a Sox fan, and then that Sox fans HATE the Cubs. If you live in Chicago you might get the dismissive oh you're a Sox fan when you insult the Cubs Inc., but at least you don't get the outrage or incomprehension.
I blame the media. The only Chicago station most people get is WGN (owned by you know who), so of course they hear the stories about how utterly heartbrokent the city is, when half the city is anything but. But every station throughout the country parrots that. Wouldn't it be a great story that despite what you think some Chicagoans are happy? You wouldn't even have to search, stand on a corner and talk to people in Sox hats, or if you're really lazy, and most TV "reporters" are, just go down to Bridgeport or Canaryville and knock on a few doors. Or take SNL doing their tired superfans skit. They had em all rooting for the Cubs, but guys like that probably wouldn't be Cubs fans. Heck a skit where some suburbanite or trixie came up talking to them about the Cubs and got yelled at might even be funny. Fey and Dratch are Second City alums so they should know that, but no it's easier that to make a not funny joke about what everyone knows. So yeah anyone else living outside Chicago have the same problem and just why is it that everyone is so brainwashed about the Cubs?
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