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Well, if all you need to get suspended is the appearance of impropriety and hearsay, then it really doesn't matter if science outpaces testing. I'm not suggesting the Biogenesis case doesn't have merit, but it's doubtful that they'll come up with hard evidence that ARod, Braun, etc., were juicing. It's going to come down to accusations and testimony.

And when the biggest names in the world of professional sports are getting caught, it's silly to suggest that it isn't working at least on some level. Guys like Bonds, ARod, Lance, etc., have hundreds of millions of dollars to try to game the system and they're still getting busted. I'm sure they're at the bleeding edge when it comes to PEDs. Some 15 year Dominican prospect isn't going to have Balcor or Biogenesis on his speed dial and will likely get caught.
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