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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
He's a huge part of the problem. His errors are seemingly always deciding factors in the loss of the game. You can flaunt Sabermetrics all you want, and fielding range, and whatever, but the reality is he isn't a winning player ,much like a lot of the rest of them and their pathetic OBP's. Whether they could get anything better at this point is another argument.
Errors are just easier to quantify so the reactions are always stronger. Nobody sits and watches games and says...okay this week the shortstop didn't get to 5 balls that ended up as hits that most other shortstops would get. Or, in Alexei's case, this week he reached 5 extra balls over the next tier of shortstop that should have been hits. But he's saving runs a lot more often than he's giving them up. He's saving more runs than most shortstops in baseball. Errors are only a piece.
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