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The White Sox have hit two 3-0 home runs this year. Ramirez and Abreu hit 3-0 home runs in the game against the Diamondbacks started by Brandon McCarthy.

As a team, the White Sox are hitting .500 this year on 3-0 counts, that is on at bats that ended on 3-0 counts. They have two hits, the home runs hit on May 9. Excluding the 27 walks, in which hitters may or may not have had the green light to swing, the White Sox have only two at bats decided on the 3-0 pitch. Wednesday night Semien flied out on 3-0 to advance the winning run to third. Baseball reference says Ramirez made an out on a 3-0 pitch in addition to the home run, but I don't remember when or where. Dunn has not hit a home run this year with a 3-ball count.

In 2013, Konerko hit the only 3-0 home run as the team went 5-for-13 with 93 walks on 3-0 pitches.

In 2012, Konerko and Rios hit 3-0 home runs as the team went 4-for-14 with 113 walks on 3-0 pitches.

Excluding walks, in 2011, the Sox had only four at bats ending at 3-0. Dunn had the only hit, a double. Konerko and Quentin failed to get hits. In 2010, only Kotsay had an at bat end at 3-0, and it wasn't a hit.

The Sox do seem to have the green light on 3-0 more often under Ventura, but even this year, they have had 85 plate appearance through 55 games this year where hitters have gone 3-0 and are just 2-for-4. I don't know how many 3-0 pitches have been fouled off, and one of those outs was key in a win.

Maybe Sierra had the green light on 3-0 Wednesday night as well, but his hit came on a 3-2 pitch.
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