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LEts be honest, the system is a mess because its a cluster**** of problems. It starts on draft day. We have Borchardphobia. Unwilling to spend on prime ceiling players. We draft like a small market penny pinching team. Its 100% because of fear. You can throw out all the Danks (who is over rated as all hell, who showed no power, and fell off so much from high school to college plenty of teams boards did not have him near as high as Kenny took him, but you know Kenny, he got his guy. ) you want. We did not have a great draft last year. We had a top 10 pick, we did not walk out with a top 10 draft.

2 years ago, we passed on one of the top 5-10 arms in the entire minor league system right now, Rick Porcello, because of Boras and $$$$, instead drafting Aaron Poreda. Sorry if it is upsetting to watch a guy projected to be a top of the rotation starter go to our division rival, while we draft a left handed set up man.

We have to spend some money. We also need to figure out how the hell to bring guys along and develop them, because we really suck at that. Too many guys with some future have busted out. We are addressing this now, but we still need to get over this Scott Boras crap, or we will keep being LOSERS in the draft. And yes, when you draft in the top 10, and you DO NOT have a top 10 draft, you are a loser!
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