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Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
The Nationals have an abysmal farm system. KC doesn't have that great of a system either. San Francisco is boosted by a good deal of foreign guys. We obviously don't have the resources of Boston and NY, so I'm not sure why they were included.

If you want to complain about aspects of our farm system, our drafting philosophy the last two seasons shouldn't rate very close to the top.
The Nationals farm system isn't abysmal at all, after years of no ownership they are finally starting to focus on their farm systems and spend some cash on the draft.

Outside of the Rangers there isn't a farm system I'd rather have then San Fran. Villanola, Bumgarner, Sosa, Posey and Alderson are all great prospects.

Spending does not cure the inability to develop talent, but don't let that interfere with your perfectly good delusion
You sure, 5-6 years ago the Yankees and Sox had nothing in the farm system. They now spend some money and look at all the homegrown talent those two have turned out of the last 2-3 years.
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