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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
Youíre right. Gold Gloves are very much hit-and-miss. My point about Yolmer was that we are already getting some of the best 2B defense in the majors, and Madrigal likely would not move the needle in that regard upon being promoted.

Besides that, I donít know why Madrigal being promoted means that Yolmer needs to go. He is still under team control for 2 more years, and he is far superior to guys like Jose Rondon or Ryan Goins.

Next yearís bench should have Yolmer, Leury, Engel, and a LH power bat for 1B/DH on it. Unless they decide to go with a platoon at DH, in which case Engel would be replaced by a RH power bat.

Figure that Abreu, Madrigal (eventually), TA, Moncada, Eloy, Robert (in mid-April), a RF free agent, and McCann are the starters. Yolmer, Leury, Engel, another catcher (I assume itís Collins), and a LH power bat would round out the 13 position players.
Agreed on the expected position player roster next year. Only question in my mind is what they end up doing with Collins. Renteria seemed very hesitant about his defense earlier in the year, at either C or 1B.
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