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Originally Posted by Alexei4president View Post
OK first off he hasnt even played a full year lets hold off the bust crap...and to the man atop me..ya strikeouts suck but how can u pass this up:19,26,27,46,40,40,40,40,32,8,38, mATTER the strikeouts u just cant pass up on that homerun production..dont worry he will shape up..its called a slump..u dont just go from producing around 35 homeruns a year to just wont happen....unless ur melvin mora
That's if you believe the hr is that important. I for one think it is the single most overrated statistic out there. Especially if it comes with no one on base and in pyric victories. I would rather have a high average contact hitter who can put the ball in play (less than 40 k's a year), hit behind runners, is able to steal bases and be a leader in the clubhouse.
What I don't want is a Ryan Howard, Adam Dunn designated out who strand runners on base the like they're allergic to oxygen. I want to hear, they work out in the offseason and try to improve their craft when they make more than the budget of the local school district. Pick up a damn bat during the offseason and try. It's part of what endeared so many to frank was his desire to get better. The humbleness of a thome to admit mistakes. He's an ass as far as I'm concerned. Send it to the minors to learn some work ethic. This is the blue collar southside. We work hard for our money, and we expect him to also. He's lazy and I have NO IDEA why anyone would want him on their team.