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Originally Posted by balke View Post
If he's trying I can't really tell. Last quote I heard was that he won't let anyone help him with his mechanics - because he's always just felt it out. Sounds like Brian Anderson.

He also came in with a defeatist attitude about this DH thing and I feel like he's brought this on himself. I'll cheer when he contributes to the team. This isn't a young Borchard struggling in the minors to make a name for himself - this is a paid professional who should know at the very least how to hit a dead red fastball.
Based on Dunn's career stats- I'm not convinced he's worth the money even if he's performing at career average (too many strike outs, too low of a batting average w/RISP- just my opinion).

But I'm not very impressed with his overall approach- doesn't touch a bat all winter, doesn't seem to put much effort into conditioning- might have been OK when he was younger- but at age 31 could be an issue, "hadn't thought about" not being able to hit in NL parks in interleague play, interview yesterday, he said "it's just an occupation- not going to define me as a person"- or something like that, way too much angst over the DH role.

When you sign a contract for $54M- I would hope you step up your work ethic, your conditioning, etc.- I am not optimistic at all that he'll return to his career norms this year. Age, different league/better pitching, DH role- and a June that is as bad as April or May.
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