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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
MLB has really gotten stuck on the idea of opening and closing the season against Division foes. It would be more exciting if you did not play anyone in your division until June and then spend September playing only division foes. This would allow a team with a slow start to have some seriously meaningful games in June because of the wide swings in the standings which will have to take place then.
The other advantage of this would be that the west coast teams wouldn't necessarily be playing each other in April in pleasant weather while the midwest teams are having their interdivisional games snowed out. With the NL, for example, why not match up San Diego, San Fran, the Dodgers, and Arizona with Chicago, St. Louis, Cincy and the Mets? Milwaukee has the dome, so you don't have to worry about them; the same applies to Houston. Atlanta and Florida are left over in warm weather cities, so there are plenty of divisional series available between them and Phi, Pitt, and Washington.

I think you joked once about ordering a pizza and a case of beer and putting the MLB schedule together some Friday night. It can't be that difficult. It makes no sense for San Diego and the Dodgers to be playing each other in 70-degree weather in the first week of April.
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