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Originally Posted by pythons007 View Post
So do scoring runs. He hit at the top of the lineup where he's going to get the opportunity to score more runs with big hitters behind him.

For as much argument on who should win the MVP and as close as these two players are, I think it would have to come down to how the two helped their teams down the stretch. One team got into the playoffs and the other did not. One was the player of the month in August and September and the other was not.
Runs are, yes, but Cabrera did not help the team on base paths, whereas Trout was perhaps the best base runner in baseball. How you run on the base paths is not dependent on the rest of the team. And is it not MVP of the whole season, instead of August and September? A win is just as good in May as it is in August. And Trout was no slouch in these months. If you're cooling down to .284/.366/.500 and .289/.400/.500 (his August and September/October, respectively), then you're having a pretty damn good season.

And if runs and RBIs are dependent on your teammates, then whether or not your team makes the playoffs is even moreso dependent on it. Besides, the Angels finished with a better record in a much tougher division.
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