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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
I disagree. I think Mike Trout contributed more to his team than Miguel Cabrera did to his. I think if you swapped the two, the Angels would have been ever so slightly worse and the Tigers just a tad better. Their bats were nearly identical, while Trout was the most dangerous man on the base paths in baseball this season in addition to being a gold-glove caliber CF; Cabrera is a base-clogger and a butcher at 3B.

He scored over 100 runs with players that didn't do much behind him. I don't have the statistics but I heard that the players after him and Fielder were awful. To call him a base clogger, is not correct. Paulie and Dunn, are base cloggers, station to station guys.

Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
So, the W-L thing is imperfect, then, as like RBIs they depend on more than just one player. That said, the post he was responding to said that the Tigers would have no chance without Cabrera and the Angels would have been fine without Trout. I really fail to see why that is the case, or the evidence supporting that argument.
So do scoring runs. He hit at the top of the lineup where he's going to get the opportunity to score more runs with big hitters behind him.

For as much argument on who should win the MVP and as close as these two players are, I think it would have to come down to how the two helped their teams down the stretch. One team got into the playoffs and the other did not. One was the player of the month in August and September and the other was not.

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