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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I'm at work right now but I really don't know how to give you proof. I'm pretty new to the internet. All I can tell you is read articles or books from players who played in the Negro leagues. I'll try to get a decent source tommorow when i come home. All I'm trying to say is the movie 42 as good as it was isn;t as accurate as you think. It;s a little dramatic for my taste. I'll be honest though, everything I look up about robinson on the internet only tells me how great of a person he was. As for Branch Rickey and your quip. I can tell your the type of person who will bash me but in a week or so you will tell others a different story on what you think about jackie Robinson. Your just looking for an argument.
Not looking for an argument. Usually when someone makes a statement like you did, then it is on them to provide proof. Telling me to read articles on the Negro Leagues, something I've done, doesn't cut it. And I'll tell others a different story on Robinson? Yeah...ok.

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