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Originally Posted by cub killer View Post
lol. Go New York Yankees! Win another division title tonight!

I just find it irresponsible of MLB to wait 16 years until they would address game 163's effect on seeding. I've looked for contingency plans in seasons past, but found nothing. Then finally today, Ken Rosenthal said 163 would count towards it. Then hours later, he switched and said it wouldn't.

It's ridiculous, IMO, that they never made the info public. Bloggers were scrambling left and right trying to find out what the rules were. And I don't like the fact that game 163 counts as a regular season game in all aspects, except for seeding. Then why bother including it in reg season records, they might as well make it a playoff game.
In baseball, seeding is a silly thing to be concerned with. Teams play wildly different schedules, and some teams match up better against teams with better records. Hypothetically, if the White Sox were in the postseason, they would match up better against the Yankees than against the A's. Seeding by wins and losses for most teams in most years might as well be random.

This isn't football, where I am guessing every team plays pretty much the same schedule and win-loss record is due to a team's success with nothing to do with some teams having easier or more difficult schedules.
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