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Let's see...

Argument one: There's no help in the minor leagues because ours suck.

Argument two: Our team is old and getting older with holes.

Therefore: Tear it down...

And do what? Suck for 5 years and let JR and his boys pocket all the money? Do you think they are going to sock it away into some account for "future spending"?

Sox can easily afford 90M a year salary just based on MLB revenue, gate and local revenue. They might be able to afford $110 pretty easy.

No reason to wait and hope and cry... You got Danks, Floyd, Sale, Quintana all returning. You've got Santiago, Jones, Reed and Veal.

It's not going to take that much to keep this window open another year or two which you might as well do since they've got the money to spend, sunk costs and at least some middle of the order bats as well as a solid defense.

I know people disagree with me, but I'm going to put this out there, one more time. If you argue for total rebuild, give more details. Don't just say, tear it down. What's the plan? 2-years? 5 years? What parts do you want to build around? What parts do you want to acquire and how are you going to acquire them?

Dazzle me. I'm ready to have my mind changed, but I cannot endorse an open ended empty lot of platitudes...

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