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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
Yeah , I have almost everything Bill James has ever written but have only gotten through a few old abstracts so far so I didn't think of the WAR effect . And I would agree winning percentage for pitchers is overrated. I think some people are forgetting John was on a lot of Sox teams that won a lot of games but didn't score him any runs. Look at his won loss with the Sox and the sparkling ERA next to it. He should have won more games with a better offense. So it isn't all cause he pitched on better teams. Seems like this WAR thing is used to make pitchers on losing teams look better than they are . Catfish Hunter was on so many pennant and series winners it was almost criminal. He is punished for that. I'm thinking this WAR thing might be a little skewed. Gaylord Perry over Bob Gibson invalidates this list as far I'm concerned.
It's cumulative over a career, so Sandy Koufax's WAR is going be much lower than that of someone who pitched for 20 years. It's not really an effective tool when measuring someone who was dominant for a short number of years, versus someone who was merely very good for many more.
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