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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
He could've either started backpedalling or running the other way. He threw his glove aside, and lowered his shoulder. He wasn't a hapless victim. He welcomed the confrontation. He didn't back down. He's not a victim.
By the time Greinke threw his glove to the side, Quentin was charging at him full steam. So no, he is not a "victim" per se but he is not the instigator either.

Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
There was time for him to back away, albeit not more than a few seconds.

I understand the point you're making here, and I actually don't disagree with it. What I have a problem with is that Greinke exposed his shoulder to TCQ while the latter was charging the mound. If he had assumed a proper defensive stance, it's likely his collarbone remains in one piece. He didn't do that.
Yea, I agree with your point that lowering his shoulder was stupid. I am not sure that he knew what the proper defensive stance was though and instinct probably took over. Unless a pitcher has a background in karate or wrestling (like Kyle Farnsworth), they are kind of defenseless at that point. I remember seeing Pedro backpedal and throw his glove at the guy who was charging him when he was with the Expos. I think that was after Pedro just lost a perfect game by hitting a guy too.

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