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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I won't link the article because I'm reading the hard copy magazine. Bryant suggests the amateur draft should be reorganized such that the slot order is based on total revenue instead of win-loss record. This way, rich but poorly run franchises would be penalized (he names the Sox, Mets and Astros). He also suggests moving the Tigers back to the AL East and putting the Rays in the Central.
The slot order suggestion is removed from reality. Revenue does not 100% correlate to won/lose records. Does he control for a situation where two expensive players are on the DL for an extended period of time which could result in high revenue but poor W/L record?

Bombing for the draft rarely works, if someone wants to do it, let them.

What is his rationale for moving a team from Florida into the AL Central and replacing it with a team from the Midwest? This makes no sense, too. The Chicago/Detroit rivalry is better than a Chicago/Tampa rivalry. Detroit is a few hours by car so fans can make a last minute decision to drive to see the game, with Tampa in the ALC, that decision cannot be a last minute one.

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