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Default The Future

If the White Sox get new ownership in the future, it certainly won't be some poor person buying the team. I could be wrong but isn't Rocky Wirtz one of the investors in the White Sox?. From what I know he has been a lifelong White Sox fan. I wouldn't be surprised to see Wirtz buy the White Sox and the rest of the Bulls and United Center holdings that are owned by Reinsdorf. I read somewhere that Reinsdorf owns 20% of the White Sox, 20% of the Bulls and a percentage of the United Center. I'm sure Rocky Wirtz would like to buy all 3
holdings from Reinsdorf. Doing so would make the White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks worth some serious TV money in the future. Sportsvision didn't do well the first time around, but Chicago wasn't wired for cable back then like it is now. I do wish JR would be more specific as to what will happen in the future to the White Sox franchise.
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