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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
And I'm going to assume you don't know much about Prince Fielder, but he's actually a really limber fellow who eats a much healthier diet than probably every other major leaguer in baseball. Some people are just larger than others.
And I'm going to assume you heard one quote about Fielder and based your opinion off of it. He became a vegetarian in 2008, and that storyline has kept going. However, he said last spring that him being a vegetarian "lasted about three months." Even is he were still a vegetarian, they can eat all the deep-fried cheese and butter croissants they want. Chances are a 300 pound vegetarian is not eating any better than a 200 pound omnivore. And yes, Prince is very limber and athletic for his size, but the fact that he can't stay on the right side of 260 (or even 300) means that he probably isn't going to keep playing well for very long.
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