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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Actually, despite what you think you know, and your past indicates that it is far less than you believe, playing the games does matter. 2 teams BP projected to finish in last place in their respective divisions in the AL last year made the playoffs. Washington was projected to finish 4th, St.Louis 3rd, SF was projected to finish 2nd. BP had the White Sox finishing behind Cleveland, and these were projections that came out at the end of spring training. And I'm no BP hater. I buy it every year.
It doesn't matter. Just like in religion, politics, science, the arts, you name it. Dogma trumps all. It doesn't matter if tangible evidence or reality defies the dogma, you must believe. You must accept. I just got finished reading a long article about the archaeologists and other researchers who fought a decades long battle to prove that Clovis people were not the original inhabitants of the Americas. It turns out they were right. The Saber people have to a large degree overturned the traditionalists, in large part I think because traditional ways of evaluating players often left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately in life the cure is often worse than the ailment. Believe me I love stats. I posted on another board my lifelong experiences with demographics and other statistical metrics but thankfully will spare you and not do that here. If BP is the gold standard then it is fools gold. A heretic I will remain.
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