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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Why would AJ want to do that?

Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Very true. He's close to the end of his career so I'm sure he's looking for a bigger payday than the Sox can offer at this point, and also he'd prefer to play for a title contender.

With the lack of good hitting catchers out there, he'll probably get both.

I do think A.J. will be back with the Sox in some capacity after he retires.
I'm not sure why the Sox can't afford him, coming off a career best season in 2012 he was only able to get a 1-year, $7 million contract from the Rangers, this isn't exactly bank-busting stuff for a team like the Sox that cleared some $50 million in contracts off their books and have another $15 million coming off next off-season.

AJ, like probably every other player in the league, will take the deal that best compensates him. A lot of us expected him to cash in on his 2012 season and get that last big payday and call it a career last winter, but the market never materialized. MLB teams apparently aren't willing to offer big, long contracts to 36-year-old catchers. I don't know how the FA market will shape up this year, but it would be surprising to me if the big payday he didn't get last year materialized now, but then again, in baseball, it only takes one crazy owner to go and do something stupid.

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