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Originally Posted by jdm2662 View Post
Let me say I don't really care about too many things when I go to the game. I've been to Comiskey along with the UC, Toyota Park, Solider Field, Allstate, etc. many times in my life. I know my way around each stadium, and quite honestly, I'm only there to watch the game. I think the staff in each place is not exactly customer friendly. However, for a person like myself, I don't really care that much. I've been other stadiums in other cities, and they are light years ahead of actually glad you are there.

KC, in particular, blew me away. They even sold me two standing rooms for one game that was sold out. They actually had a policy for game days they can only sell that very day. They sold us tickets for all three games, and were helpful on where to sit. Our third game was a day game, and they showed us shade seats. Now, it could be their attitude is that they are happy to see you. But, whatever the case. It was much different than Comiskey. I've only been to Miller Park and the New Busch Stadium once. I didn't really get to see the stadium much. I will say, Miller Park is awesome to tailgate in. And, they didn't try to force us out right away as they do in Comiskey. I've been to other arenas, and saw the difference as well.

As I said, I really not looking for stadium experience. I'm a Sox fan, and I'm there to see the Sox. The stadium itself, to me, was used as an excuse. Before they re-modeled the park, it was generic and had no character. It didn't stop people from seeing a good team with young, marketable stars. It only when the team started to tank is when that was being used as an excuse. And, for the upper deck? Get over it. Go to Solider Field and let me know how their upper deck is.

However, this works for me since I just go to watch the team. When I bring my son to the park for the first time, I will have a different attitude. Also, I would recommend the Sox staff to act like they are happy to see you. Why? Because, they aren't exactly filling the ballpark. Whether you like it or not, the casual fan is a huge chunk of attendance. If you want them to come back, you might want them feel like they are welcomed. Personally, I would prefer to go on more trips to see the Sox in other parks. I just can't decide at the last minute to do that anymore.... At least I can see the Bulls in Milwaukee once a year.
This is all I'm saying. I'm not asking to be waited on hand and foot. But it would be nice if the ushers flashed a smile now and then, or if the concession workers didn't act like me placing an order was an inconvenience to them. I don't think friendliness is asking too much, but apparently some folks here think it is.

(And to doublem: I worked five years in retail. I know how awful some people can be. I also know that part of the job description is responding to rudeness with a positive demeanor. And just because the last guy you talked to was a jerk doesn't excuse your talking to me in kind.)
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