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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
I disagree. I think it's a function of a shallow roster, which is a function of this organization's long-term refusal to pay for top amateur talent in the draft, inability to develop fundamentally sound position players, and thus necessity to trade its limited supply of promising prospects to fill holes with mediocre and/or expensive veterans.
I think that has been the trend of late, but in 2004 it was a result of losing Maggs and Frank, in 2006 it was the fact that the starting pitchers were gassed, 2007 sucked and in 2008 the loss of Contreras, Crede and Quentin was hard to swallow. But as you pointed out, the fact that there was ZERO help from the farm made those losses much harder to take and as someone else mentioned, every team has to deal with injuries.

Go Sox!!!
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