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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
You're listening to Bruce Levine, for one. And two, you're probably overrating the value of that core pitching contingent. Rios has been pretty average/below average this year, Peavy has an extra year on his deal and he still isn't viewed as positively by buyers as Garza was, and NOBODY is trading for Dunn unless you're giving them Sale for free.
I'm not overrating the core pitching contingent, except perhaps Danks - been over that before. Santiago who is considered the weakest of the bunch, has the similar peripheral numbers Samardzija who is considered a future top of the rotation starter by some. Peavy hasn't pitched as much so that's a difference; that he isn't viewed as positively as Garza is unsupported by the facts, and irrelevant anyway. Only Texas showed significant interest in Garza. Rios hasn't been below average this year. We certainly have some gaping holes though. Still, I think a significant under-performance.