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My biggest pet peeve has been and still is portable stands on the outfield concourse, as close as possible to the field no less, while the stands that are built INTO the park and sell the same **** (and located in the same section) are CLOSED. I want to watch the game and spend as little amount of time in line as possible, so no, I won't "go to section 101" if I want pizza, nor will I go to "the rotunda in the batters eye (the ****ING FAN DECK) for "ballpark fare"". Act like you're open during a game. The lower deck was full over the weekend, yet half the stands were closed with big-ass portable stands in the way of people trying to watch the game. USE THE STANDS THAT ARE BUILT INTO THE PARK. Plus, every stand out there said "cash only", so for people who do use their fanpass, or try to use a credit or gift card, half the the park is closed to them. Brutally ridiculous, IMO.
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