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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
This is ridiculous. So in other words, the players that didn't cheat, that actually played the game the right way were just idiots for not cheating? Just because cheating has been a part of baseball since its inception doesn't mean you should be rewarded for it anymore than a high school student should be rewarded for cheating on an entrance exam. And never mind the cheating aspect of it. Steroids are illegal. You're suggesting players should get rewarded for breaking the law.

Now what is hypocritical is the same writers that were cheering the long ball and players like mcGwire and Sosa are now the same ones saying they don't belong in the HOF.

And I have no respect for someone that takes glee in never getting caught cheating. I just can't. Not getting on a moral high horse, but that's basically saying you have no integrity, and couldn't make it unless you had an unfair advantage.
The way I look at it is cheating is cheating and every good player is going to look for any advantage he can to win and in most cases cheating will be involved. Obviously steroids are alot worse than some guy putting a little to much pine tar on his bat but where do you draw the line on cheating. I don't like how records were broken during the steroid era but it is what it is. You can't keep a whole generation out of the hof. I doubt theres a player in the hof who never cheated to gain an edge.

Gaylord Perry told the whole world he cheated and I have to give him credit for getting away with it. Again every pitcher scuffs balls especially in his era when they didn't throw every other ball away.
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