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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Personally, what offends me the most about this year's voting is that someone gave Aaron Sele a vote. WHAT THE ****

If the dip****s that comprise the BBWAA want to have a haughty circle jerk of self righteousness, what the hell do I care? I've been well aware the BBWAA is chock full of morons for a while. But who the **** looked a guy with a career 148-121 record, 4.61 ERA, and 1.491 WHIP and was like, GIVE THIS MAN A PLAQUE?
I've never understood this, either. I suppose there's always going to be people who vote for players they liked, regardless of whether they're deserving, but I agree that they shouldn't be wasting their votes on someone who has little or no chance of getting in.
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