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Part of the problem to me, honestly, from a marketability standpoint, the Sox are an INCREDIBLY boring team now.

Konerko is kind of... mr. steady as he goes, that does not attract casual fans.

Adam Dunn is not the Adam Dunn of Washington and Cincy

Rios and his attitude are easy to dislike

Even Sale is about as quiet of a Cy Young Candidate as you can get

The rest of the guys are a bunch of facial nobodies, no one cares about Beckham, Tank, Ramirez, De Aza.

A dad who is say, a baseball fan, but not really a Cubs or Sox fan, is not going to take his son to USCF to see anyone special.

There is no star, no face of this franchise. Its a slap to Konerko to say that, but he is as marketable as Skim Milk.

So you have a team of national nobodies, who are not bad enough to get good draft picks, and not good enough to really contend, and you get... the White Sox....

In many ways, I feel bad for Brooks Boyer. He can adjust prices (a big win for die hards) and he can tinker with marketability ideas, but at the end of the day, we are 10 games into the season, and its hard to be excited about anything we have seen. I am not saying the season is a lost cause, I am saying they are not going to draw unless they (a) get more known, better, SUPERSTAR level players or (b) Decide they want to win 95 games a year.

Until then, this is the new White Sox, same as the old White Sox. The Farm moving up to 27 from 30 is pretty insignificant, and the fan base needs a shot of life from Hahn and Kenny Williams. They won't see a huge attendance jump, they won't land a big tv deal, and they will fall behind.

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