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Originally Posted by mahagga73
150 saves is not a huge number. What you are saying is if you had a very good starting career and closed successfully for a few years you are in. Strikeouts are outs like any other, a lot of non- HOFers have huge strikeout careers, an out is an out. A lot of pitchers have great career ERA's and don't get in.
Yes, 150 saves IS a lot. Here's some trivia:

Pitchers who have saved 144+ games over a 3 season stretch:

Francisco Rodriguez
Eric Gagne
John Smoltz

That's a pretty exclusive list. You could name a ton of closers who were probably better than Smoltz overall who never did that.

As for the rest, I'm not sure what your point is. Smoltz was a top-tier pitcher during the biggest hitting boom in history. Numbers deserve to be taken in some context.
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