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Originally Posted by Parrothead View Post
And Beliot, which lost the twins to Cedar Rapids.

There is no way that will happen. 1st the Cougars, White Sox, Cubs would have to ok the deal. I heard that South Bend and Beloit would too but I can't confirm it. 2nd what makes you think that Joliet would draw more then currently do? Just because they are affiliated? It may help initially help but that would die down after a year. 3rd the current owners of the Slammers would have to be bought out or it would have to wait til lease is up.
I like the idea of a White Sox A MWL team in Joliet. My biggest issue would be that I am in McHenry County, so I'd probably only see them when the play Kane County.

The White Sox were kind enough to allow a team in Kane County, a Joliet team wouldn't affect much in the way of Cubs attendance, so they should OK the deal The Joliet Slammers could simply move leagues, with the same ownership, then they would get a stocked roster, instead of having to assemble their own team.
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