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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Because nearly cutting part of your hand off is what ****ing morons do to begin with, before factoring in the idea that Peavy gets paid money to throw a baseball, and has a $15 million option for 2015 riding on his ability to stay healthy and be durable this year.

Nearly cut a part of his hand off??? I think these quotes dispute that

"It's a bummer. I didn't think it was that crazy bad to the point I didn't seek medical attention. That day we wrapped it up and went fishing. I came in here yesterday and realized we needed to have it stitched up and we would have to take some precautionary measures. You just don't want to risk infection. I could go out and play today if it was a must.

Then there was this quote:

"I couldn't tell my 5-year-old I didn't want to go fishing anymore," Peavy said. "It was his last day here. I couldn't say, 'We'll go tomorrow.' It wasn't the biggest deal in the world.

Peavy is a father as well as a baseball player. He won't get to see his 5 yr old till April so he decides to take him fishing one last time and an accident occurs. This wasn't underwater shark hunting by the way. Accidents can happen anywhere. Sorry but your priorities in life are screwed up when an athlete needs to live in a bubble so they don't get hurt even at the expense of their children growing up.
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