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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Hudson didn't pitch six innings. I've seen a lot of minor-league baseball. I generally don't see starters who are cruising taken out mid-inning unless they are rehabbing, even in April.

If they have Hudson on a pitch count so strict, even in April, that he has to come out with one out remaining in the sixth inning, he is probably a long way from being a solid major-league starting pitcher. If he wasn't cruising, but actually had run out of gas and was in trouble, he also is probably a long way from being a solid major-league starter.

It is hard for me to get excited about that line unless someone whose judgment I trust was at the game and shared observational reasons to excited. Really, I'm not asking how many people he struck out, which may or may not mean anything. I'm asking someone who was at the game to tell me how he looked and why he came out without finishing the sixth.
Stephen Strasburg's 1st minor league start- 5 IP 4 R 1 ER 2 BB 8 K.

Oh no! Strasburg couldnt even make it to the 6th! His prospect status just took a huge hit!

Seriously though, your logic makes no sense. Of course Hudson is on a pitch count. Why wouldnt he be? Its his 1st start of the season and the Sox management is protecting his arm. Plus they may be saving his arm because they know we will need him later in the season(if we can somehow get into contention).
Hudson may never be an ace, but he has a bright future ahead of him as a major league starting pitcher if he stays healthy.
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