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I'm not sure how you can say the Cubs are screwed. They weren't bad last year. Disappointing, yes. Bad, no (until the last 2 weeks of the season that is). They did have a better record than the Sox and were in the playoff race until the end. The Cubs haven't made significant additions yet, but they have retained Nomar, Walker, and Rusch, three of their better players last season who were eligible for free agency. They got rid of Alou and Merker, who although productive on paper, were a big part of the dumb baseball and bad chemistry that caused the Cubs to be distracted much of the season. They still however, have Sosa and Dusty, the other side of the dumb baseball/bad chemistry equation. The Cubs offense is solid, and to be honest, probably better than the Sox. They have Lee, Ramirez, Nomar, Walker, Barrett, Patterson, and Sammy who are all solid offensively and, for the most part, equal or superior to their Sox counterpart (with the exception of Konerko). They also have a strong starting rotation even with Rusch or a rookie as their #5. The bullpen has not been upgraded, and defense is so-so. I don't see them cutting payroll. They will likely be near $100 million to start the season. If they make no more additions, they have financial flexibility to add a key player or two at the trading deadline. Just my opinion, but I think they are far from screwed and have the potential for a good season if the top of their rotation stays healthy.
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