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Originally posted by RKMeibalane
Choker ------------------------------------------>

It hurts me to say that, but it's true. They needed him, and he didn't get it done. Oh well. He's had a pretty good year, as have the Sox, but it wasn't quite good enough.

Frank is choking big time down the stretch, similar to his awful, awful 2000 ALDS performance. I hate to bring up all this 1B talk, but he's impotent in big games at DH. It's been said that he sulks in the dugout between ABs and overthinks the previous AB. I have to believe he sulks and overthinks even more in games as important as these. He's the one who needs to adjust, don't get me wrong, but perhaps some advice to the next manager of the Chicago White Sox: Put Frank at first for an extended period of time--including important games--and see if all the 1B talk is true.
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